By Thor Joinery, posted January 23, 2017

What is a Mud Kitchen we hear you ask?

Mud Kitchens are designed for early years children, to be used outdoors and to promote a greater understanding of the enviroment in which we live. There are many benefits to gained of which we don't pretend to be the experts but the following are regular comments often attributed to gaining better Ofsted performances for early years schools:

- Allows children to connect with nature

- Improves sensory skills

- Encourages scientific thinking

- Creative and transformative learning

Thor Joinery can offer any design of mud kitchen and the designs are limitless. Where Thor Joinery distinguishes themselves from others is the build quality, workmanship and bespoke nature to our products allowing our customers to tweak designs, choose their own colours and work with an amiable team.

We can also supply along with Mud Kitchens, complete play area solutions including waterwalls, play pits, painting walls and much more. As we continue to develop our products we will add pictures to our site - simply enquire with us to see what we can do for you.

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