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Planters are a decorative and functional solution for your garden. At Thor Joinery, we provide a limitless number of designs from traditional square planters through to total bespoke designs. Take a look at some our examples but also remember that if you have a particular idea or area of your garden you would like us to design a solution for, simply get in touch, send us photo's or sketches and we will get a quote back to you.

Totally Tailored Solutions

As with all our products, we manufacture then coat them with a water protection treatment. Further to this, we offer a spraying facility so you can choose from a wide range of off the shelf wood treatments and colours. Come to our workshop to view and discuss how you would like your products finished. Please note there is a small additional charge for spraying.

Seated Planter

Seated Planter

Our seated planter is comprised of two 600x600mm square planters, with a 1200mm interconnecting decorative seat.

£348 including VAT


decorative octagonal garden planter

Square and Octagonal Planters

Square Planters are 600mm all dimensions.

Octagonal Planters have a diameter of 600mm and are 600mm high.

We can also produce Hexagonal planters, and we can also tailor all the dimensions to suit your needs.

Available from £144 including VAT.

All our products are treated with either clear, light or dark stain wood preservative. Imagine shown may be in the timber's raw state.

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